Festive Glow 

Enjoy the warming evening glow of a Lava Candle, more than just your ordinary pillar candle to have in the background – it’s the centerpiece of a room, decoration for your sideboard, console or dining table, in time for Christmas. Thanks to their iconic shape and fusion of colour in tones of rich reds and blues with accents of white provides a truly unique experience from start to finish.

The Festive Collection comprises of two stunning fragrances ‘Spirit’ and ‘Nights’ each concept particularly developed to celebrate those special occasions. Available in three varying shapes, Moon (13.5cm X 9cm) and Star (14cm X 9cm) both with a burning time of up to 65 hours, as well as Cube (10cm X 10cm) with a burning time of up to 80 hours. There is certainly plenty of joy to be had from lighting the wick of one of these sophisticated candles, luxury by name, luxury by nature.

Embrace the robust exuberance of the morning sun through the dynamic and intensely pleasing fragrances of the Spirit Candle. Boasting top notes of Pomegranate and Lime, with gradual underlying middle notes of Heliotrope Flower and Cinnamon, not to mention hidden notes of Tobacco and Vanilla. The Spirit Candle is currently available in shapes; Moon, Star and Cube. For more information visit Lava Moments.

As night descends, starlight veils the desert sands as the moon traces the sleepy horizon. Brimming with quiet bliss, the Nights Candle is a poetic fragrance of traditional Arabian notes. Encapsulating the essence of a peaceful night tucked away from hustle and bustle of your working day. Top notes are that of Oranges, leading to middle notes of Rose and Nutmeg, progressing into bottom notes of Sandlewood and Oud. The Nights Candle is currently available in shapes; Moon, Star and Cube. For more information visit Lava Moments.

Established in 2016, Lava was born from the passion and vision of an Emirati born artisanal designer. Handcrafted and perfected to achieve distinctive detail and quality each and every candle is carved and hand painted to perfection in the heart of Ajman, United Arab Emirates. As you may notice from each of the candles distinct descriptions, Lava Candles are inspired by natural elements of Earth and the exquisite beauty of the deserts and seas surrounding the United Arab Emirates. Lava continues to develop outstanding fragrances and luxurious hand-made candles of the highest form. Each eye-catching candle just like the Festive Collection is created with love, care and a complete understanding of this age-old craft.
For more information about all of Lava Candles extensive luxury candle collections visit Lava Moments.

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