The perfect personalised story book gift for children this Christmas

CHILDREN can now be the star of their own personalised adventure thanks to Bang on Books who bring magic and adventure to kids worldwide through their premium range of illustrated stories.

Bang on Books create the ultimate personalised stories where children can step into their own adventure and become the lead character in the book. With three tales to choose from to date, including their Christmas spectacular ‘Santa Socks’, there’s a captivating experience to suit everyone.

Personalising your story book on Bang on Books’ website takes as little as 30 seconds and orders are delivered within 5 working days.

The stories include your little one’s photograph to the front of the book, creating a magical entrance to the world of Whizz-Bang-Boom through the magic mirror. After saving the day, the child then looks back into the magic mirror to see their photograph once more, before being transported back home just in time for bed.

To further personalise the story, you can add the child’s name and choose an illustrated character that looks like them. These both are woven throughout the full story. Finally add a short message to the child, which appears at the beginning to complete this wonderful gift.

Your little one will see themselves doing courageous, fun and extraordinary things, whilst learning important life values and morals along the way.

Featuring over 40 pages of colourful illustrations and text, the three books (Unicorn Oo, The Golden Key and Santa Socks) are finished to a luxury standard with the absolute finest, high quality materials. The book covers are a thing of beauty, with peachy laminated feel and metallic foil detail to the front and back. A real eye catcher, which will stand out on your little one’s book shelf.

Everything is created in-house including the writing, illustrating and graphical composing, print and shipping of their marvellous books. Bang on Books are the only personalised book publisher worldwide to achieve this and putting them in a unique position to ensure quality is always to the very best standards.

An ideal gift this Christmas which will put a smile on children’s faces whilst encouraging reading and imagination.

UNICORN OO Set off together with Unicorn Oo and sing his favourite travelling song…Clip-clop-Oo! Clippety-clop- Oo! Unicorn Oo and all his friends are waiting to meet you.

THE GOLDEN KEY ‘Oh help’ Sailor cried ‘my golden key has fallen into the sea, I can’t open this treasure chest without it!’ Head on a swashbuckling adventure with Sailor and his crew. Just watch out for those pesky pirates.

SANTA SOCKS ‘All of the socks and stockings from around the world have vanished and tomorrow is Christmas Eve!’ Join Santa’s elves on a super sleigh riding adventure and help save Christmas!

The books are priced at £19.99 each with FREE UK delivery. Bang on Books are also launching a bundle deal for this festive season that includes ALL THREE books for just £39.99, again with FREE delivery.

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