Beer Buddies, opening bottles in new areas of business.

Cornish company Beer Buddies Ltd, designers and distributors of character wall mounted bottle openers are preparing for the launch of their third licenced product, part of its ICON range.

Recognised as being synonymous with making cool gifts for men and celebrating popping the top off a beer in style lead to striking a deal with Global Merchandising last year and the launch of the iconic Motorhead Snaggletooth Beer Buddy to sit alongside the legendary bands Road Crew pale ale. “The Motorhead logo was perfect for our designer Seamus Moran to convert into one of our very special bottle openers, its one he’d always wanted to do. It was an instant hit with Motorhead fans and metal music fans in general and rapidly became our best seller” said Richard House, sales director.

This success brought enquires from Rebellion to produce a Judge Dredd Beer Buddy which will be going on sale next month. “We’ve been inundated with Dredd fans wanting to know the release date”, said Richard House.

Happy with the Motorhead project Global Merchandising brought the concept to the attention of Iron Maiden to turn their Trooper character into a Beer Buddy to compliment the bands very popular Trooper beer. “Maiden went for it and the prototypes are already being made, we really wanted to do Trooper, like Motorhead it lends itself perfectly to what we do” said Richard House. The company is aiming to have the Trooper Beer Buddy available for the last quarter of the year.

“Just need the samples approved and get the art work for the packaging done, we use Elly Jahnz of Foxcub Studio for that, she’s brilliant. The packaging is very important to us for ecological reasons, we only use cardboard no polystyrene or plastic so its recyclable” the company said.

Beer Buddies are available from from £14.95 to £39.95, trade enquiries welcome.

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