GP Batteries Rechargeable Battery Packaging Now 100% Plastic Free

World-leading battery manufacturer and the world's largest rechargeable battery brand GP Batteries (UK) Ltd, has switched its ReCyko rechargeable battery range to 100% plastic free packaging, allowing consumers to lead an even more sustainable lifestyle.

Effective from January 1st this year all GP's rechargeable ReCyko batteries will be packaged in easily recycled cardboard to be even more environmentally friendly and better fit with the green credentials of the eco-friendly range.

The brand boasts further eco credentials as, for the first time, GP has a minimum of 10% and maximum of 14% recycled material in its ReCyko batteries; a far greater amount than the only other battery brand to include recyclable materials in its batteries.  

GP's ReCyko batteries can now be recharged up to 500 times, and with 600 million batteries thrown away in the UK every year, using GP's rechargeable range means 500 LESS single-use batteries will need be sent to landfill.

The packaging also shows how the batteries themselves are 94%+ recyclable and how many single-use batteries each pack can save from being bought and thrown away; meaning the product as a whole offers consumers a more environmentally friendly option when it comes to purchasing batteries and battery use.

The Google search for ‘plastic waste' has increased 5-fold since 20162 and statistics show that 92% of European consumers choose plastic free3 and 66% of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products4, this shows the clear shift in consumer attitudes and behaviour towards reducing waste, using less plastic and living a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

GP says this has been reflected in battery sales, and the past couple of years has seen a rise in the sale of rechargeable batteries. This trend is expected to continue as consumers demand products that are better for the environment. Rechargeable batteries are a small but effective change that consumers can make that not only helps the environment, but saves them money in the long-term by reducing the number of single-use batteries they'll need in the future.

To help push the rechargeable message, GP is running its Reduce Your Footprint campaign to drive sales and awareness of its rechargeable batteries to encourage consumers to make the switch.

Managing Director for GP Batteries UK, Gareth Wheller comments: "Batteries have traditionally been a very quick purchase, with little thought going into the environmental impact of that purchase. In recent years sustainability and reducing plastic waste has become a focus, not just for environmental enthusiasts, but for the wider population and more people are now actively looking for ways in which they can reduce their eco footprint and are putting more thought into their purchasing decisions.

"Consumers don't just want to buy a product, they want to buy into a lifestyle, it's therefore important for brands to offer products that fit that lifestyle. Our rechargeable range already offers consumers a more eco-friendly way to use batteries and have received a lot of positive feedback, but having eco-friendly batteries in plastic packaging made no sense and we wanted to improve on the overall offering to better fit with the batteries' green credentialsWith our 100% plastic free recyclable packaging we are delivering a product that has even less of an environmental impact, giving consumers an even greater reason to switch to GP rechargeable!"

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