Beautiful Bees

This lovely bee design in metal is from Wild Things Gifts, embellished with crystals from Swarovski®, part of the ever-popular Crystal Fantasy range of window ornaments which create rainbows when hung in the sunshine. Wild Things takes pride in being able to deliver right up to Christmas, as most items are made in the UK. A large range of display options is available including their latest brilliantly-lit booth. Visit: e:

Love Olli

For laidback days, wild nights and everything in-between, Ulster Weavers’ (Scotland’s Trade Fair Stand B23) delectable range of Little Lights are the perfect gift. With a scent to suit any home these candles are made from natural vegetable wax and hand poured in the UK, ensuring they deliver a superior burn time of 30 hours. Each Little Light is beautifully decorated, ensuring they look as good as the fragrance they create.


Counting Stars

Five Dollar Shake proudly presents our free spirited little sister…Counting Stars! The fabulous ‘More Glitter (Less Bitter)’ range has to be seen to be believed! Featuring a completely new take on a spinner, our stylish dark stained wood floor spinner brilliantly complements Counting Star’s unique designs. 01424 434062

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