Lila Jewellery exceed 100K donation milestone in support of Military charities Combat Stress and SSAFA

Lila Jewellery, the Hertfordshire based high-quality jewellery supplier, has managed to raise over £100,000 each for military charities Combat Stress and SSAFA-The Armed Forces Charity.

Frank Ross, Founder and Managing Director of Lila Jewellery, has been supporting Combat Stress and SSAFA for over five years now through the sales of his Poppy jewellery. With 10% of RRP shared between the military charities, Frank has officially donated £100,534 to Combat Stress, and has confirmed that he will be continuing his support:

“I would never have started selling poppy jewellery unless we could support our armed forces veterans, and to exceed the £200,000 combined target mark I set myself at the beginning of the year fills me with pride. It is so rewarding to see the skills I have painstakingly acquired over 40 years in the industry go to such a good cause.

“I suppose what motivates me is my own past; coming from a family that was formed in the Second World War and seeing first-hand that servicemen and women can be just as much affected by conflict as civilians.

“I vividly remember as a child growing up and seeing Second World War veterans suffering from ‘shell shock’. One poor chap uncontrollably shaking whilst he was waiting for the bus to go to work and people just dismissively saying, ‘oh he’s got shell shock’, not understanding what that meant.

“It saddens me that as a society we seem to be incapable of learning the lessons of history and that today there is as great a need as ever to increase support for our veterans. So, if my contribution can make even a small difference then I’m glad to do it.”

Robert Marsh, Director of Fundraising at Combat Stress, said: “We are extremely thankful to have the ongoing support of Frank and Lila Jewellery. Their beautiful range of Poppy Jewellery is a great gift and with proceeds supporting the military community each piece is that little bit more special.

“This is a time of austerity for military charities, and the selfless support of people like Frank is vital in helping us continue to provide life-changing treatment and support for our veterans.”

Gary Davidson-Guild, SSAFA Commercial Partnerships Officer, said: “SSAFA is grateful for the support they have received from Frank Ross & Lila Jewellery since 2015. The sales proceeds that are donated to both SSAFA and Combat Stress are essential in helping us provide vital services to both serving personnel & veterans, and we look forward to working together further in 2020.”


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