Muslinz Give Stockists More Choice with 'Mix And Match' Options

Baby accessories specialist MuslinZ has given its stockists more options after launching new ‘Pillow Box’ packaging which means they can ‘mix and match’ with different combinations of muslins.

The new product case can contain three rolled up 70cm x 70cm muslin squares; a peek of each which is revealed through small open windows.

The eco-friendly, recyclable Pillow Box offers stockists a huge amount of flexibility as, while some will be sold as pre-defined sets of three muslins, stockists are also being given the option to mix and match. This means they can fill the Pillow Boxes with their own chosen combination of three MuslinZ muslins, giving choice and variation, and a truly personalised product to their customers.

MuslinZ has also rebranded their packaging which now features a subtle, grey heart pattern which looks contemporary and stylish, allowing their muslin prints to take centre stage.

MuslinZ CEO Caroline Taylor said: “We are dedicated to meeting the demands from our substantial and committed base of stockists. As well as regularly releasing new prints and developing innovative new products, it is important to us that our packaging really works for our stockists.

“We had received several requests for a flexible packaging option so stockists could offer different combinations of muslin squares. It just gives them so much more scope; they can theme colours to match a display, can offer all plain, all patterned, funky combinations or a more sophisticated mix. “Our stockists had also been asking more neutral packaging that would be perfect for babies and small children, but also would look chic on their shelves and appeal to customers choosing muslins to use for other, non-child related purposes.”

As well as the Pillow Boxes, MuslinZ also offer stockists a MuslinZ Gift Box which they can fill with a selection of MuslinZ products. The luxurious pure white box has a magnetic fastening and is ideal to be kept and reused to store baby’s keepsakes.

For more information contact MuslinZ on , on 01295 810008 or visit

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