A Safer, Stronger, Better Scented Candle!

Brand new from Welsh Company Busy Bee Candles®, a totally new scented candle idea that’s set to transform home fragrance forever! 
Ever wondered if a scented candle could be safer? How about a scented candle that could be more highly scented? Or even easier to use? How about a scented candle that can be controlled? Well these questions have been answered by the brand new Magik Candle® from Busy Bee Candles®. A patent pending innovation that turns traditional scented candles on their head for the ultimate home fragrance scented candle. 
Magik Candle® uses no flame and no wick. Instead, Magik Candle® uses an electric base station that incorporates a high power halogen light bulb. The Magik Candle® is placed over the base station and heat from the bulb melts the highly scented pure soy wax inside the specially designed jar, from within. What’s more, the base station is completely controllable for temperature and brightness by using the in-line dimmer switch. A scented candle where you can control the brightness and the strength of scent and uses no flame!! Busy Bee Candles® Magik Candle® Press Release September 2017 
Here is a breakdown of the key features of Magik Candle® 
Flame Free for safer home use
Totally Controllable for brightness and strength of fragrance
Available in over 250 fragrances
Costs less than 1p per hour to run
Provides incredibly strong home fragrance for up to 200 hours Per Magik Candle® 
Traditional wick and flame scented candles need to be watched. After all, the majority have a naked flame with a reservoir of fuel below that is a potential fire hazard. Magik Candle® uses no flame at all. It’s more like using a table lamp with a special shade. The special shade is the Magik Candle® and this increases safety for the user dramatically. No more flames, no more wicks to trim and no more worrying if a traditional candle has been fully extinguished. Simply switch on or switch off! 
Magik Candle® is available from the Busy Bee Candles website ( and from selected retailers across the UK. 
Magik Candle® was developed in-house by the small team at Busy Bee Candles. The idea came about by realising that a safer alternative to traditional scented candles was required. This resulted in several prototypes that have been developed and refined. The end result is Magik Candle®. This unique idea has resulted in a patent application and the unique design of this new innovative product has also yielded 5 European Design Registrations. The name Magik Candle® has been trademarked. 
Magik Candle® has been nominated for The Giftware Associations’ Gift of the Year 2017 award. A measure of the unique design and innovation of this product. 
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