An Aroma Lamp for Mum

Lesser and Pavey have led the way in light and fragrance and now with Mother’s Day in mind created a lamp specially for ‘Mum’.
Much of the sentiment of a card is captured in this lamp that will last far longer than just one day, a reminder of the love that is sent.
The wording that lights up ‘Forever my Mum Forever My Friend’ specially designed for Mother’s Day and as a gift for Mums but is just the first in a new range of sentiment aroma lamps by Lesser and Pavey that will include messages for the family, friends, love and the home.

Easy to operate these touch base on and off lamps are part of the Desire Aroma from Lesser and Pavey.  These fragrance lamps don’t just scent your home they also purify the air and sanitise the surfaces removing bacteria and other airborne micro-organisms as well as viruses such as coronavirus.

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