Blake Foundation Nepal Project

For Blake Envelopes, helping those in need is at the very heart of their organisation. A large volume of their charitable activity is focussed around their aim of ‘Giving Hope Through Education’, where they commit to changing the lives of as many disadvantaged children as they can through providing them with learning materials with the help of local charity School In A Bag; something which both organisations believe could be the start of a new beginning for these children.

Education has always been a matter of interest to the company, and no wonder! As market leaders in the world of envelopes, this is something closely linked to literacy and education. Providing Education to Children in Nepal

Blake’s latest project involved distributing 149 SchoolBags to the Shree Ganesh Basic School, which is located in the remote village of Paanch Pokhari, Nepal.

Tim Browning, Creative Director, says: “I am so pleased that Blake have been able to be involved in another distribution of school bags, this time in Nepal. We know from past experience that this will have a profound effect on the education and hopes of these young people. We are glad one again our ‘Giving Hope Through Education’ program is really making a difference.”

No mean feat, getting this impressive wealth of learning equipment delivered to the Nepali children involved its fair share of challenges, from sourcing persons within the country to assemble the bags, to encountering rockslides so vast they completely blocked the route to the village, which is nestled in the stunning mountain region of Helambu.
Read on to find out how, through it all, Blake have made this project yet another success… On 7th November, Blake succeeded in getting the bags they had provided to their new owners at the Shree Ganesh School. Ranging from ages 2 to 17 , there are 127 attendees at the school, which has the only female head teacher in the whole of the Paanch Pokhari region – something which made Blake very excited to support them! The village has a population of approximately 500 people, and is inhabited mostly by the Gurung community, which is one of the ethnic minorities in Nepal. One of the main reasons the company chose to support these children, the school is situated within the Helambu region which is, even now, struggling to rebuild itself after the catastrophic earthquake they suffered in 2015. Government provision for education here is very scarce, so Blake were assured that their donations would be greatly appreciated.

The Impact of Blake’s Donations
Feedback from the day reveals that the SchoolBags were a real need for the children in the area. Here the locals share their thoughts:

“These bags are very useful for our younger students, as well as for me and my classmates too. At the lack of school bags, younger students here come to school holding their books and copies in hand, which causes difficulty for them. Parents do want to pay for bags if they could and some do too but it is not financially easy for all the parents due to their financial reasons. You know, each have their own problems. The situation here is that the parents cannot afford to provide items like bags, copies and pencils when they need them.”

A student at Shree Ganesh Basic School

“The first thing to say is, as the children have expressed themselves, it has now ended the problem for children without bags who were otherwise forced to come to school carrying books and stationery in their hands. Now it can be ensured that the books and copies can be carried safely. For this matter, I would like to express my thanks to the team and the organisation involved in delivering these school bags. “Alongside this, we are grateful that a representative from the distribution team has explained the history behind this initiative and the importance of school bag in children’s education. I am hopeful that this has left inspiration for our children who have received the bags together with a variety of educational resources to put them to maximum use. And, I can read in the face of the children that they are extremely happy for receiving new bags and resources.”

Prakash Gurung, a local villager and social worker “Thank you so much for donating to HELP Nepal. Today I got to see the donation of the bags to the kids and the kids were really happy. They got books and pencils and colours…I’ve honestly never seen the kids this happy before! For me also personally as the teacher, it’s really nice to see my kids excited to come to school and makes them excited to come and learn, so thank you very much for donating to HELP Nepal. It’s been so nice to see it in action and to see also how it will benefit the kids.”

Mrs. Nirmala Dhital, head teacher of the school The team at Blake feel privileged to be able to do their bit to help these children, providing them with everything they need to receive a good education and further their lives in the future. Get in touch with Blake Envelopes today, to do your bit for children in need!

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