No Ordinary Towel

Fil Blanc's products reflect the proud heritage along the cotton fields in Southern Turkey.

"We combine our design knowledge with our traditional Turkish weaving techniques. We are modern day wanderers, travellers and keen observers. We sell products that will last a lifetime, are beautiful to look at, functional and add a meaning to itself by age.

Fil Blanc towels are perfect for all your trips as well as using at home, these towels are as absorbent as terry towels but dry 5 times faster. They are truly best travel companions!  

Our hand-woven ranges are done by craftsman in Turkey who has over 35 years of experience on black-board weaving.    

We are a UK based company and all our textiles are made with 100% turkish cotton that comes with OEKO-TEX certified that assure that any harmful chemical has been used in the creation of our products nether in the ink for colouring. We offer free customisable packaging and branding made with recycled paper and we use less plastic as possible."


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