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Making memories at Giving & Living 2018

The Giving & Living trade show covers more Coast than anyone else, so for buyers from retail outlets and attractions on or near the Coast, and for those keen to order coastal merchandise to target the holidaymaker, it’s THE show to visit. Looking at the exhibitors that have recently booked in to next year’s show, we’ve come across lots of lovely things that we’d quite like to take home with us this summer:  
The Great British Seaside cards range from Artichoke Cards would be perfect for so many places, whilst Roelofs and Rubens offer a charming collection of handmade and hand painted blue and white tableware, along with hanging decorations and other gifts.
You might splash out on a piece of seaside themed kilnformed handmade glassware from Glass Relief or some handmade silver jewellery from Designed by Brett and Leni, if you would like having a piece of Cornwall with you all the time.
The show will take place from January 14 - 17 at the Westpoint Exhibition Centre in Exeter, where more than 140 exhibitors have already booked their place.   
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